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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Semi-DIY Camera Bag

All of a sudden, I have outgrown my small camera bag. I knew my stuff wasn't really fitting anymore but it really hit when I was getting ready for a shoot and I had to lug around 2 extra bags to contain all my gear. Oops! So, I set out to find a rolling bag with dividers...I found a bunch but they were $300+ and the color options were black. That is it. Black. Snoozefest. I was then set on making my own. I found a couple blogs that showed how so and so made their own bag but ripping out the lining, stuffing with batting, etc. Yea, that seemed like too much work...

So, then I stumbled onto an old photography forum post and saw that someone recommended Calumet inserts. I knew I didn't want a black bag so I went to Target and found this super cute Embark rolling carry-on bag. And it has blue on it! Perfect!

"Oh my, what a gorgeous bag you have!"

Holds my Shootsac perfectly!
Ta-da! Shazam! Presto! Super cute rolling camera bag!!


G said...

Do you have the specs on the Calumet inserts or the size of the rolling bag?

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