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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Little Miss Fashionista

Little girls dance their way into your heart,
whirling on the tips of angel wings,
scattering gold dust & kisses in our paths.
-- Author Unknown

I finally got to use some of my backdrop fabric! Ashlynn was the perfect model to start them out on. Lauren, her mom, had a bunch of outfits for her to wear and the most adorable shoes ever! They made me squeal "I want a little girl!" My production assistant, Kyle and set designer (destroyer), Declan, also came along. Ashlynn and Declan played for a bit, it was mostly just Declan trying to shove a fruit strip wrapper into her mouth, but hey, they both seemed to enjoy it!
Grandma and Great Grandma were also at the shoot, trying to do everything they could to get her smile! Daddy just wasn't cuttin' it today! Just kidding Dave : )
Enjoy your preview!
So sweet!
I just died of cuteness.

Quickie-Family Style!

Well, I have to say this was my fastest 2 outfit session EVER. The family featured is my sister Sarah, brother-in-law Jesse, niece Chloe (Buzi-pants) and nephew Aidan (Deuce-e-poo). They have been down in Texas, where Jesse is stationed on Fort Hood so I haven't seen them in almost 4 months. I missed them so much! We met up in Crystal Lake at Veteran's Acres Park (thanks Lauren, Lauren and Shannon!), it was so beautiful, cold and wet, but beautiful. Here is your preview!
I had to include this one, don't hate me Sarah

Love this little girl, this is when she told me she wants a pink or purple Barbie Car, Mimi is on it! Oh wait, Kyle asked if it was a big one or one for her Barbie. Sarah-details!
Da Bears!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall Fun at the Urban Ecology Center

Today, after my bridal meeting (they booked me!!) I met Shannon at the Public Market and we headed over to Urban Ecology Center with Declan and Sophie. I haven't seen Sophie in FOR-EVER and I cannot believe how big she is! We had a great time catching up before we headed outside. Man, it was cold. My shnazzy, sporty coat is not going to cut it anymore, I was a popsicle!

Can I say "GO BEARS!"?

Coming up next weekend...a wedding on Friday and two family sessions on Sunday!

So sweet : )

They played so well together!
"Wait, this isn't a bathtub?!"
I think this is Declan's first cheesy "Cheese" face!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Not a cloud in the sky

On Sunday morning I met with the Radtke family. We had to reschedule after 'the storm of the century' brought rain and wind into the area a few weekends ago. Although a tad on the cool side, the sun was shining and it turned out to be beautiful. Originally, we were going to meet at Hummer Park but decided on Graue Mill. Good choice Meghan!
Daylight Saving Time had kicked in full force in both of our houses, I apologize this is a tad late!
Finally managed a smile out of Mr. Ben
Norah was so sweet. All girls born on March 27th are : )
Family fun at the mill